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How do you prefer to write text

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Son of Beastie

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Note: HTML does not use and does not need or require a closing slash on any tag and never has in any HTML specification.
Well XHTML is more orderly than HTML and Order Out of Chaos is the Agent Way.

This looks like a perfect example of a document that would profit from Markdown.
"Don't forget to get some coffee and sugar when grocery shopping" was the body of the Document.
E.g. when I open my FreeBSD advocacy doc in a text editor, it looks like this: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Zirias/webdocs/master/freebsd/advocacy.md
Very nice.

Leafpad doesn't do that for you. What you type is what you get. It looks the same in View Source or Leafpad, but my markup is readable as that plain text for me.

I have all the Markup I've ever written somewhere and reference what I've already written to cut and paste into my new writing. I made a new Frameset site demo 2-3 years ago that still checks valid. Only index.html uses frameset. All other pages use Transitional and are linked to fill the frames.

I spiraled in offset frames to a tiny one inch frame in the center that said "Hi" or something once as an exercise in futility to see if I could do it.

I need to trim my CSS file down now that I'm not using the button code on my sites.


Son of Beastie

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This is a trick question, right? Obviously I prefer to write text as ... text! Now, if you ask how I like to format any texts I write, the answer would be Markdown.