WPA2 KrackAttack

I'm not aware of any FreeBSD specific activity but then, I only learned about this particular bit of nastyness today.

As I understand it, FreeBSD uses wpa_supplicant and I suspect it is mostly just sourced from up stream. So, until that gets fixed, the exposure exists. But I do not speak for FreeBSD, nor am I a part of the team. I am, however, paying attention to this one.
same here - just following along out of interest, won't affect any of my *BSD boxen as they are all hard-wired, but there's probably a dozen devices at home that could be of some concern.
Merged threads regarding KRACK into one thread and moved to Off-topic.

Off-topic might seem a bit an odd place but it covers more bases, this issue isn't necessarily specific to FreeBSD. It involves a lot more devices running a variety of operating systems.
How did OpenBSD patched for wpa bug in july but others fail to do so and n FreeBSD provided patch on 17 oct only. Another question is that if it is necessary to update router firmware's to along system update?
For the first question: OpenBSD.

About the router you should look at the router channels, but almost certainly yes. The problem you may find is if its maker will release an update. Most consumer router should never see an update if they are not a new/recent model but you can always look if your model is supported by a third party like DD-WRT or OpenWRT.
I finally got my FreeBSD boxes updated to the new WPA2/wpa_supplicant. I'm supposed to feel more secure now. But do I? How would I ever know if it's working other than by trying to hack myself? It all feels sorta smoke-and-mirrorish TBH.

One odd thing happened when I installed the binary package via pkg. I tried to move the /var/cache/pkg/wpa_supplicant archive file over to my SSD archive directory for safe keeping. Unfortunately, it wouldn't move. That was very strange to me, as I kept getting a message to the effect that the .txz file wasn't a directory.

So ... I decided to upgrade ports and install the ports version of wpa_supplicant.