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Wordpress home directory



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According to this guide Wordpress should be installed in

cp –rf wordpress/* /usr/local/www/apache24/data/

I was under the impression (can't find a reference at the moment) that it should be installed in

What is the FreeBSD recommended location for Web programs?


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I do not know of "recommended" locations.
For my part I prefer the whole thing (configs, database etc) below /home, mainly for ease of snapshot and backup.
I just make links where programs expect stuff in /usr/local/... for example.


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In effect, it doesn’t matter where it’s installed to as long as the web server is configured to look in hour chosen location.

That said, I would usually store website files under /usr/local/www/mysite because that’s where Apache and Nginx store web roots by default.
Often I create /usr/local/www as a ZFS dataset for easy snapshotting.

I personally prefer to keep /home clear of applications, data, and configuration on the grounds it’s rarely a default location and I’ve ended up making more of a mess of this in the past.



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Why not simply stick with the default for now? It'll get installed in /usr/local/www/wordpress and it's perfectly doable to set it up from there.


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Why don't you simply install the port or package?