wireless on dell e6220

Hello I am trying to setup wireless internet on a dell e6220, bsdconfig shows the available networks but when i try and select the network i would like to connect to it wont select it and activate it. In a terminal i type ifconfig wlan0 list scan and it shows my available networks, but dont know what to do next, please help !!!
The bsdinstaller shows a list of wireless stations and I use arrow key to move down the list. I highlight my desired AP and hit enter.
Then it pops up WPA2 passkey entry box. I fill in my details hit enter and whammo, it works.
I assume you have the Intel wireless module?
I have a Intel Centrino Advanced -N 6205. I tried that but no luck. Somtimes I get
 dhclinet[1408]: send_packet: no buffer space available.
This is from the main installer now.
When in bsdconfig wireless configuration screen when i select save/exit, nothing happends to get out i have to select cancel.