Solved wine package has a comma

An easy question for you all

I require Wine on a i386 machine.
pkg fetch -d wine-2.0,1 fails because of the comma.
I'm using fetch because the target machine has no internet.

What is the method required to fetch/install a package with a comma in it

Thank you for your time.
Best regards from the South Pacific.
I believe you want quotes around the name. Like this:
pkg fetch -d 'wine-2.0,1'

I don't believe you need the version in the name, Look here and its says
pkg install wine

So you would want:
pkg fetch -d wine

Do you have your local repository setup right?
You were correct.
My repository was not set up correctly.
Your link helped with a touch of judicious priority:2 and everything started working as i wanted.
Best regards.