Solved Windows don't show

I have just installed FreeBSD 12-CURRENT and added slim and lxde-meta.

Why are the windows hiding? lxpanel does not show, and neither does Opera web browser. Xterm, Mate-Terminal and
Seamonkey show up and they are usable. Terminal can be opened only from the file browser.

Is this a lockfile issue, is something missing? Ive added dbus and hald later.


exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch --exit-with-session startlxde

What is wrong? Where can I get instructions what should be started with a WM and where are the log and configuration files?

Packages have been updated. If you think about kernel interfaces, this one has i915kms.ko and drm2.ko . Otherwice everything happens in the userland. If I can see Seamonkey:

$ ldd /usr/local/bin/seamonkey
/usr/local/bin/seamonkey: => /usr/lib/ (0xxxxx00) => /lib/ (0xxxxxx000) => /lib/ (0xxxxxxx00) => /lib/ (0xxxxxxx00) => /lib/ (0xxxxxx000) => /lib/ (0xxxxxx000)
and not Opera

$ ldd /usr/local/lib/opera/opera
/usr/local/lib/opera/opera: => /usr/local/lib/ () => /usr/local/lib/ () => /usr/local/lib/ () => /usr/local/lib/ () => /usr/local/lib/ () => /usr/local/lib/ () => /usr/local/lib/ () => /lib/ () => /usr/lib/ () => not found (0) => /lib/ () => /lib/ () => /lib/ () => /lib/ () => /usr/lib/ () => /usr/local/lib/ () => /usr/local/lib/ () => /usr/local/lib/ () => /usr/local/lib/ ()
The only difference seems to be that the libraries are inbuilt to the Seamonkey and Opera uses the ones from the distribution version. I don't think everything is so much changed between the versions.

Do I have to check the differences to version 11. How do I do that?

Opera has some compatibility library (to replace in /usr/local/lib/opera/opera:
stdc++ should be in the process of being replaced by another library. Start script has this covered:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/opera:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Then again, lxpanel won't start. Neither did Xfce4 show a panel.

Should I send this to "current" forum instead?

I will update the info here. It is true that this is a "CURRENT" issue.

Problem disappeared: The problem was, that the monitor was set to 65 MHz (LCD screen). After setting the frequency to 75 MHz with xfce4-display-settings --minimal, the Xfce4 panel and all of the icons in the background turned visible. This is weird.
  • I will have to find the setting again. 75 was set as a maximum value.
  • Maby it was just a missing and the utility created file.
Sorry, I did not have any better information than I'm trying to guess that the difference was between libraries QT/GTK:

Working: Seamonkey, Cairo-Dock, Xfce4 menu, ...
Not working: Opera, Xfce4 panel, Xfce4 icons, LXPanel, ...​

Next guess was that these not working ones used some command/library call the others didn't.

I've read about a problem with intel driver with different hardware than mine and OpenGL. My driver "intel" was using i915kms.ko and drm2.ko if this tells anything (mobile express 945 chipset).

By the way. Xfce4 WM and Cairo-Dock is better than Apple with hardware compatibility. Compositing window manager (like compiz) is a must have with a supported graphics accelerator.