Solved Why isn't radeonkmsfw_CAYMAN_smc.ko included in the FreeBSD Kernel?

Why radeonkmsfw_CAYMAN_smc.ko and other GPU codenames smc modules it is not included in the FreeBSD Kernel? It is used to dynamically manage the graphics power.

My graphics card gets really hot! All the time, and i'd like to figure why it's missing.
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It is known for a very long time that there is only one big graphic vendor who makes real effort to support BSD, this is nVidia
For AMD it will work exclusively with generic drivers which works in most of case but can cause some issues with some recent hardwares.

AMD who is a leading company in graphics (through former ATI) perfectly doesn't care of BSD world.
So I find that not acceptable from such a big company, and since years now I "boycote" them, even on Windows I only buy nVdia
I also boycote "chrome" and "chromium", Google leads the world but s... on BSD
We have many recurrent problem with Chromium and not a single official developer to help the maintainer team.
Can someone explain why not to have support? i m not open source purist either:) Thanks!
I like my FreeBSD machines
Because it's newer, and the effort needed hasn't been put in. That means the community. There is progress at Xorg, but FreeBSD has to wait for that to be put in HEAD version, until that version becomes a release. If I could, I would donate graphics cards.