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Why is my full name required to register here?


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The registration form had a field for my birth name and surname, and at first I assumed that it's optional because these are just forums, not, say, a business, but it turned out the field was mandatory. I had a choice of either feeling like I could be breaking the rules by lying in a mandatory field or giving up some privacy. Is the field being mandatory an oversight or does it have a real reason to be so?


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So far as I know, it's simply a vBulletin default setting, so it's bound to be like this on tens of thousands of forums. If you turn out to be a 300 year old Donald Duck in your profile, no one will sue you. Except perhaps Disney.


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The field may be mandatory but the information you put in there doesn't necessarily have to be the truth.

I've been filling in bogus information in forms like that for years, nobody came to arrest me because of it ;)