Why is it "No stack" in gdb?

I use the FreeBSD 10.2 system now. If I input "bt" command in gdb, it will pisplay
(gdb) bt
No stack.
so, I cannot start aMule.
Why? How can I start or create the "bt"?
Thank you very much!
There will be no backtrace if the process wasn't started. What exactly are you trying to do?
Hi SirDice,
I want to start aMule, but it tell me "no backtrace" and start it fail.
Would you tell me, how can start or create "bt"?
Thank you very much!
Why are you messing with a debugger in the first place? So, what are you trying to do?
Yes, you've said that twice already. Why do you want to debug aMule and what are you hoping to learn from the backtrace?
I alreay said, I JUST WANT TO START OR CREATE bt TO CAN RUN aMule SUCCESSFULLY, OK? If I really want to debug aMule, it has any programs? If does, please tell me why, or please teach me h0w can start bt.
Thank u very much!
lcy66 I suggest you tone down a couple of notches. Repeating the same thing doesn't answer my questions, even if you write them in capitals.

If you just want to run aMule you have absolutely nothing to do with gdb or getting a backtrace. Those tools are for debugging purposes and are mostly used by developers to find errors in the code.