Which Desktop for X220?

I have a ThinkPad X220 with FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE installed and would be intersted to know which DM is recommended by anyone using such a system.

I have tried Lumina and Xfce but both end up with X crashing with an error.

I would paste in the errors from dmesg but I can't get a browser running on that system and re-typing would be difficult.

The system has a high resolution in text mode, which is nice, although midnight commander runs in a wishy washy pale blue colour which is difficult to view.

Any ideas on how to configure this.
The X configuration looks good but dmesg(8) is showing a crashing dbus. That may be the cause of the window managers crashing (because they fail to connect to dbus).
I had this in earlier versions but I thought I had read that it wasn't necessary with 11.0...

Anyway I've added it now and both Desktops work.
According to the HandBook dbus is not required for XFCE. Am I wrong?
I thought I had read something along those lines somewhere...

Well on my system, without DBUS, X crashed as soon as I started Xfce, but it works fine now that it's included.