Where is the Thank Button ?

Dear friends;

Are you able to use thank button ?

I was using it 2 days back;

But now i cant see this button !!! :(
that's correct. One can submit only 5 "Thanks" per day...
danger@ said:
that's correct. One can submit only 5 "Thanks" per day...

Is there any advantage in Restricting thanks ?
If YES, i feel 5 is a very small number :( it could have been 15 or even 25 :)

In my Thread (https://forums.freebsd.org/showthread.php?t=491)
FreeBSD Forums > Base System > Hardware > Please Suggest FreeBSD Compatible AMD 64 MotherBoard

I thanked tbyte, zeiz and Andrius just because they gave me valuable info (certainly it is a form of encouragement for supporters).

So Today i have only 2 more thanks left :(
Ofcourse; we can always thank any one by a new post by keying the words "thanks" or "thank you very much"
In such an environment, please let me know the advantage of restricting Thanks.

Also, would like to know what other members think about this Limited Thanking System, even when we can do other way by a simple post.