Where is format keyword - member?

I know one of the admin here is reformatting my threads, usually a member name (sometime causing accidental changes to my wording or duplicates). I just color it blue because to this day I found no formatting sequence for user or member name. I think it should be at the top of the list, if it’s in there. Could someone please tell me where is this bb-code? I have not found it yet within these three topics. But then again I never had the time to sat down and read every single word. Too much going on elsewhere at this forum and on my system. It's hard enough trying not to mis-spell word or speak properly. But I like trying here alot; it made me a bit intelligent. It probably right in front of my eyes in the Formatting Guidelines section, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Formatting Guidelines

The value of format tags

Formatting: The Short Form
It's "@ username" (without the space between the @ and the username, and without quotes) and it looks like: max21 (it's automatically linked to the user's profile).

For some reason [noparse] is ignored so I can't show the exact code (forum software keeps translating it regardless).
Thanks SirDice,

That info should be in the Format topic at the top where users can understand. All I know is to use [] It's easy to forget that one. I think I been told before, like last year.
I'll see if I can add it, although, as I stated before [noparse] seems to be completely ignored so it's difficult to show the exact code.