What options for KDE?



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I can compile KDE no problem, but I'm curious as to what options people check, and what dependencies people choose to install, what KDE applications people install or don't install. I want a good, all-purpose KDE without a ridiculous amount of dependencies and junk. Do I really need a lot of extra codecs for ffmpeg, for example, what is Nepomunk? Do people install certain application sets, webdev, network, and utils, for example, If you don't check application sets in the port configuration, can you just add them one by one later? I want to make some order of the mess that is compiling KDE.

I'm just looking for which configurations I need to modify on this port, and which are best left alone as they pull in stuff I don't need. I want a good clean install. Not a bloated mess that's missing stuff.


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You generally want kdeutils' ark (graphical archiver), kdegraphics' okular (PDF viewer), and since it can't play anything anyway you want to ditch kdemultimedia's juk for VLC. On a laptop you also might want upower support on kdebase-workspace (for the battery status applet).

Everything else, including the optional part of nepomuk (which is broken on FreeBSD-10), is not required. Qt has a phonon option at some places. Keep in mind that while it's possible to ditch phonon from a Qt build, KDE relies on it nevertheless, so you won't end up with fewer packages by dropping phonon from Qt.


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and since it can't play anything anyway you want to ditch kdemultimedia's juk for VLC.
Or, you know, use the actual video player that ships with KDE, Dragon. ;) Does everything VLC does, but with a much nicer interface.