Solved What is this before my username?

OK, so this is a bit silly but it bugs me. The FIRST time I start a terminal (x11/rxvt-unicode) I get this:
[DING!] paul@bigzbox ~ $
I am referring to the "ding!". It shows up before my username so it isn't a fortune but can't explain it. The only thing I can think of is my prompt statement in .tcsh:
set prompt="%{\e[2;37m[%P] %{\e[0;33m%}%n%{\e[0m%}@%{\e[34m%}%m %{\e[32m%}%~%{\e[31m%} "\$"%{\e[0m%} "

This isn't a big deal just curious why it does that. I didn't write the prompt statement, I found it, which is probably bad since I should learn to write one...
Seems to work just fine, it should show the time between the brackets.

dice@armitage:~ % set prompt="%{\e[2;37m[%P] %{\e[0;33m%}%n%{\e[0m%}@%{\e[34m%}%m %{\e[32m%}%~%{\e[31m%} "\$"%{\e[0m%} "
[15:50:58] dice@armitage ~ $
(colors aren't showing here)
Funny, it does show the time now but first time I start the terminal it shows [DING!] - no worries, thanks SirDice.