What happened to Iraq?

Hold on, hold on, this isn't a political question.

I'm a US Soldier serving in Iraq, and I run FreeBSD as my primary OS. Imagine my surprise when, after moving to 7.1, there is no location information in Gnome's Clock 2.22.2 applet for Iraq, Baghdad, Tikrit, Mosul, etc. In fact, the whole country seems to be missing. Maybe I just overlooked it, but I'm sure I looked pretty closely. Does this mean there is *no* developer support in Iraq for Gnome? I mean, if it's a question of missing LAT/LONG digits, I might be able to provide something if anyone is interested in incorporating it. I would have to check first, of course, to make sure I'm not breaking any Army policies. I would be happy to provide any information I can from here while I am here assuming it's not illegal for me to do so. With that said, I patiently await the community's input. Thanks!
I've upgraded to gnome-2.24.2 last night and I don't remember how I set the locations on the previous version as I did it some time ago.
What I see is that if I type some initial letters of the cities you've listed, I don't get auto-completion, while it works for others.
Anyway if you write the name of the (missing) city in the "Location Name", select Iraq as "Timezone", and you put the right Latitude and Longitude, it should work.
I don't know if it's a political problem.
For sure is not a FreeBSD problem as I can see the same on a linux qemu vm. So it's a GNOME problem and maybe you should ask in its forums.