What are the major features created by Freebsd (or before 3.1 BSD) that everyone uses without knowing it?


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We already established this.
Ah, you're using the definition "Unix is that and only that which has the current Unix brand name applied to it by the Xopen organization". Cool. I haven't seen Ken in a long time (over a year and a half now); next time I see him, I'll tell him that he didn't invent Unix with Dennis, because Unix has only existed for the last 20 years (or whenever the SCO lawsuit forced the trademark to be sold, which was sometime in the early 2000s if I remember right). He'll laugh.

There are many ways to define Unix. You quoted one of them. Dennis (may he rest in peace) and Ken would disagree. As would people like Kirk and the other parents of BSD (which had a Unix license, so it could use the "Unix" code, 25 years before the term Unix as you define it even came into existence. As would all the companies that sold Unix (with valid Unix licenses from AT&T!) in the 80s and 90s.