VM BHYVE, Windows 2012 R2 and passthru

I use FBSD 11.0 and VM port. When I try to use passthru, Windows crash at boot.
bhyve.log (debug="yes"):
Assertion failed: (error == 0), function modify_bar_registration, file /usr/src/usr.sbin/bhyve/pci_emul.c, line 491.
fbuf frame buffer base: 0xa42800000 [sz 16777216]
It is possible to fix?
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A known problem - if a PCI device has 2 or more memory BARs, the bhyve PCI emulation gets a little upset at Windows setting the base address to 0xFF's to get the size while the BAR is still enabled. I have a fix for this.
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grehan@ , could be off-topic, sorry if so, is it somehow related to another common issue?
passthru device 0/29/0 BAR 0: base 0xdf823000 or size 0x400 not page aligned