Solved VLC media player crops movie picture


I am trying to play some HD720 .mp4 movies that I downloaded from youtube, but multimedia/vlc is cropping the movie pictures with all of them when initially starting. If I minimize the multimedia/vlc window a bit, the cropped picture gets a bit more complete. I can continue like this until the multimedia/vlc window is quite small and where the move picture is completely whole.

I have been using multimedia/vlc for a long time and have never experienced this.

Does anyone have a clue why this is happening?

I have attached two pictures, the first showing a large multimedia/vlc window (1282x815) with a cropped movie picture, and a small picture with a small multimedia/vlc window (613x336) where the movie picture has ended up becoming complete.

Are you sure that is not the correct size of the video?

Have you attempted to resize the window?

When all else fail move the $HOME/.config/vlc folder to verify nothing in your config is causing it.
Thank you for your reply Rod Myers . When the movie picture becomes complete the zoom is less than 1:2 Half. To get it whole right away I have to choose 1:4 Quarter zoom.

To explain a bit more about how it works. If I start it and let it open with default size I can then grab bottom right corner and move it so the window will become gradually smaller. The movie picture will then gradually become more complete.

I have tried moving the ~home/.config/vlc folder, but it did not make any difference.

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Thanks for the solution. Have been tolerating this problem for some time now.