Solved vlc does not start

I am new to FreeBSD, made a wlan-network-install (11.0)with no complaints on an 11 years old Medion laptop, installed with 'pkg install' Xorg, i3, mc, alpine, dillo, geany, edpfview, cups, xsane, xine, vlc, gnome-
mplayer; old scanner and printer are working well.

But vlc does not start; the message is:
 /usr/local/lib/ version LIBDBUS_1_3 required by 
 /usr/local/lib/ not defined.

/usr/local/lib contains (mc-output):
What to do? Thanks.

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Some programmes require devel/dbus to be run once before they will run. I had an issue with www/firefox.

If you run service dbus onestart (provided it is installed) then run the programme. Once its run for the first time you can then stop dbus and the programme should run.

This is purely personal experience and perhaps bit of a hack but worth a go.
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Did you build vlc with Qt4 or Qt5? Applications build with Qt5 don't run without dbus. If you don't want dbus, you have to build vlc with Qt4.
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I use vlc with Qt5. I installed dbus and libdvdcss, and service dbus onestart made vlc running.
Make sure you add dbus_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf to make it automatically start at boot.