Solved Virtualbox Bridge Mode Works!

I just want you guys to know that I am ashamed … I been to hell and back. After giving up on my perfectly build FreeBSD desktop as host last week; I experienced deeply the same problems on both Ubuntu-12 and Debian-8 and others. Neither forum had a solution that I could find, just like here. Just like us, we want our FreeBSD desktop as host: but trying to run Virtualbox in bridge-mode under UNIX was like impossible; as you realize from this thread, each person represents thousands of others who seek a solution.

Linux was also so so pretty, but it was so so slow as a turtle it force me back to my FreeBSD desktop host for life after all of that just a few hours ago … and then I found this instantly! It was a link within another FreeBSD thread and I overlooked terminus post or the entire thread in the past:


kldload /boot/modules/vboxnetflt.ko

sleep 1

kldload /boot/modules/vboxnetadp.ko
It works! I had everything in my guest such as my VPN provider, DNS setup, etc.; and no packet whatsoever touch my FreeBSD host. I use pftop and my pftop has never lied in over five years!

As a note to you novices, you made the right choice. There is nothing that FreeBSD can’t handle. I bet terminus solution will works for Linux too, but even a newbie knows FreeBSD Mate desktop, will runs 100 - 1000x faster than todays Ubuntu, including Debian, and FreeBSD offers complete control. Linux today offer no choices, so the Linux community is outright trapped. Anyway, I never been so lucky in my life to learn all of this in a week.
Just do service vboxnet onestart. Or you can load those modules on startup in /etc/rc.conf:
Either of these is only needed for bridged mode.
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