vbox Virtual box freezes after startx

I wanted to use GNOME on FreeBSD 13.1 which I run on Oracle VM VirtualBox 7.
I have installed FreeBSD, then I have installed pkg, xorg, checked the graphic card via
% pciconf -lv|grep -B4 VGA
vendor appeared to be 'VMware', so I`ve installed xf86-video-vmware and executed
# sysrc kld_list+=vmwgfx
then I`ve added to the rc.conf these lines
rebooted the system (thought it would help, but no :c )
also added my user to video group via
# pw groupmod video -m username
as said in guidebook i didnt execute Xorg -configure
I`ve executed xrandr and it said that it Can`t open display
Then I tried startx and xinit and both of them launched something(startx launched something like GUI) but I could do anything with keyboard or mouse and it seems like the system freezed
Please help I`m only starting to work with UNIX

additional info:
the machine that runs VirtualBox is lenovo legion 15 laptop with windows 10