Solved Very small Linux for bhyve



My goal: read btrfs from FreeBSD. (Ubuntu root on btrfs, need to read @home subvolume).

My solution: feed the drive to bhyve with a very small Linux distro run live from ram and from this Linux share the drive as NFS with the host.

Anything like this exist? I know puppy linux but it has gui. I want cli only.

Sometimes I hope something like btrfs send | zfs receive exist. Don't care if it GPLed.
I took a Puppy (sort of) variant (EasyOS) and just used the kernel and busybox from that, installed the modules/firmware for my eth0 hardware (sky2) from out of the main EasyOS, also added in tmux, mc ...etc. and now have a decent cli boot (machine specific) that weighs in at around 17MB combined vmlinuz and initrd.gz

Connect to hashbang with that and it has mail, irc ..etc capabilities. Has both its own links and can use hashbang's lynx. links, w3m ..etc. I've also set tmux to auto log into sdf as well, for the additional bboard and com (chat) that provides over there.

Haven't installed/used NFS, but ssh works fine so sshfs could be used instead.
Try TinyCoreLinux.
16MB and have CLI version available.