UTC time setting

I must have selected "yes" when asked if my hardware clock was set to UTC during post-installation. Is there a file that I can edit to change that selection to local time, or do i need to re-install selecting "no" this time?
The date command might also be a good alternative

date yymmddhhmms
command might also be an alternative for you.

by itself to determine if your time zone is correct. If it is, then simply change the time (as the superuser):

date 1642

would change it to 4:42 PM

If your timezone is incorrect, you might want to take the opportunity to learn how to change it as well.

This might help:

While you're at it, if you can setup the ntp service to automatically sync time (always good practice) it should save you sync problems as well -- entirely optional though.

A user friendlier way is to run # sysinstall.
Also, a very good idea is running ntpd(8), to keep correctly your system's current date/time. That's done by enabling ntpd_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf .
SirDice said:
Which runs tzsetup(1). Do yourself a favor and use sysinstall only for the initial installation and nothing else.
1) where does it write that sysinstall is bad *per se* for post installation work (it even advertises this in the head menu)
2) where does it write (or who says and for what) that sysinstall is bad *as a practice*
3) i fail to see how i would favor my self by not running sysinstall :e
4) i haven't run sysinstall for ages, if this is your concern :)