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Username on this forum instead of email in PR

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OJ said:
I think you are assuming that everyone does, and that is far from the case.
No. :)
I even don't have it in my mind.

Well... conclusion...

FreeBSD show: "GNATS and innovations", part-I.

Place of action: Restaurant "BSDurger"

One of the restaurant's clients asked a waitress:
- "Could you please give me a burger without meat ? I have a problem with my liver, so please fill my burger with vegetables instead of meat."

Waitress silently went to the kitchen while one of restaurant's clients on the left side said:
- "Hey, man, you should try your burger with meat because I never have a problem with my liver when I eat here."

Another gentlemen on the right side replied as well:
- "Hey,man, me too - never had an issue with my liver when I eat meat here and at McDonald's!"

The first guy, who ordered the meatless burger, replied to them:
- "I sincerely appreciate that you share your experience guys, but unfortunately I have a problem with my liver and my doctor disabled me to eat the meat."

Then third gentlemen behind him also gave input:
- "Hey man - you and your doctor are wrong. If you assume that all of us here have a problem with our livers - that is far from the case.
I always eat meat in one private restaurant where I never had a problem with my liver too, if you want I will give you an address where it is located."

The meatless client was very confused and replied to them:
- "Guys, if you never had a problem with your livers, you can't understand me. Any famous doctors such as: Mr.ebay.com, Mr.sourceforge.net and even Mr.Google use medication
like http://www.google.com/recaptcha/mailhide/ when one had a problem with a liver, so I prefer
to keep my liver safe since I don't hurt anybody with my decision. Therefore,I will follow my own way as advised by my doctors."

The forth gentlemen then said:
- "Hey, man, did you hear what everybody said to you? Nobody here experiences problems like you, so eat the meat in your burger like everybody else."

Then strange meatless client gave up and said:
- "Thank you guys for your advise,which I didn't ask you for. I just ask the restaurant to give me my recipe and you can still eat your own burgers with meat. Does my decision hurt anybody?"

At this moment waitress returned and said:
- "Mister, we are sorry, but we can't give you a burger without a meat because we need feedback and follow-ups from you,
so you should order the whole package like everybody else, because as you can see nobody in our restaurant has a problem with our burgers."

"Well", client said, - "give me a menu please, I'll order something else then."

"We're sorry, but we haven't anything else except burgers with meat." - waitress said,
- "of course you can throw a meat away from a burger, but we don't allow you to that. You must eat what we have - a burger that everybody ate 20 years ago and now."

"Wait, I'll be paying you and you shouldn't be afraid about feedback and follow-up since I'm interested in that too. What is the exact problem with my order?" - tried to argue the meatless client.

The End of the part-I.
to be continued...may be... :)

Point of story: "Just because one way works, doesn't mean others don't"



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I think I get it. The restaurant represents the alienation inherent in modern society, while the hamburger stands for the impossible goals of an increasingly distracted populace. The client is, of course, a vague and blurred representation of Picasso. Or maybe William Shatner. In summary, Worst Analogy Ever.


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Anyway, ultimately catering to the wrong crowd. Restaurant closed for business.
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