USB Audio - Steinberg UR44

I have a Steinberg UR44:

I originally purchased this as I wanted better audio that what I was getting from standard computer speakers. I do not really use this for editing or mixing. Occasionally I'll plug a guitar into it to tinker with, but mostly I just use it for driving a good set of Yamaha monitors and my headphones.

I currently use OSX, but I am disappointed with Apples recent direction and am wanting to fully switch over to FreeBSD. I have used FreeBSD and Linux for the past 15 years, just never as a full time desktop replacement. I have all of windows manager and software selected that I need, the only missing piece is if FreeBSD has any drivers for the Steinberg UR44 device.

I have checked their website, no mention of anything. Some have mentioned success on Linux, but I be there is some driver package somewhere on ports or something that would make this device work, I'm just unaware of it. I figured I'd throw this out to all you experts and see if any of you know of any way to make this work. Thanks in advance!

While I'm not familiar with that interface, from skimming quickly through the link you provided, it looks to be USB class compliant I think so should work for audio output at least with the FreeBSD snd_uaudio(4) driver. The advanced mixer/DSP functions will not work though you did state that wasn't necessary. Is the device at least recognized under FreeBSD? A look through dmesg output should answer that.
Yesterday I stumbled upon a Behringer XENYX 302USB which should be similar to the Steinberg (but much more simple and cheaper) and I'd also guess that it was supported by the snd_uaudio() kernel module.