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Why FreeBSD has three firewalls is a thread that made me think of NetBSD which has ipfilter and a native firewall developed primarily by Mindaugas Rasiukevicius and released in NetBSD 6.0 in 2012.

NPF led me to npfUI which was developed using Ur/Web:
Ur also called Ur/Web is a Free and Open source functional programming language specific for web development, created by Adam Chlipala at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that from a single program produces server code, browser client code and SQL code specific for the chosen database backend.


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I attended a 10-week evening class a few years ago called 'Unix and Shell Scripting' which was given by Mindaugas. He mentioned that he had written NPF for NetBSD. Apparently it uses a data structure that was faster than traditional PF in finding matches for incoming packets etc. I don't remember the exact details. I asked if he was thinking of porting it to FreeBSD, but he didn't seem interested. And I guess the last thing that FreeBSD needs is another firewall ;)

I'm also very interested in Ur/Web as it's written in SML, one of my favourite langauges that I never get to use. And strangely enough, the following posts about Ur/Web surfaced on Lobsters in the last few days:
It would be good if Ur/Web got more attention and traction.