Upload a corrected version of a previously uploaded file.

I just attempted to delete and re-upload a correction (typo) to this thread post: https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/56373/#post-320745

The uploaded document appears to be effected; however, the link contains this conditional URL: https://forums.freebsd.org/attachments/3178/?temp_hash=4e1bd7007fac146c613c461efc9d7892

If I refresh or lookup the forum thread, then the uploaded document with the "temp_hash" is not available. Is this a condition of someone, perhaps a moderator, needing to vet the uploaded file? Very confusing.
We actually prefer not uploading files to the forums at all. As far as I know we have limited space and simply don't have the storage capacity.

I suggest uploading your files to pastebin or similar services.
I've got space on one of my servers. I just don't like using these so-called public drop boxes, photo-buckets, even FaceBook, etc. . . .too public.

We actually prefer not uploading files to the forums at all.
If this is the case, then I'd suggest removing the option from the forum. . . .less confusion.
I suggest using PasteBin for anything that isn't too large and if you want more control the GitHub gists are nice for sharing small text files and scripts.