Update failed - 12.0-RELEASE-p8


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I don’t think it’s true, no.

I think people have mangled their systems trying to rollback or downgrade.


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That's a little difficult to grasp logically. By logical extension, is 12.3 is an upgrade from 13.0 because its newer?

I want to get to 13.x for OpenZFS. I don't want to start populating my raid with the 12.x ZFS, and then try to upgrade to OpenZFS later with dozens of terabytes on the array.

Would 12.2 upgrade to 13.0? If so, can i downgrade back to 12.2?
or is it possible to graft OpenZFS on what i have?


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You have on this forum several examples of such failed upgrades. I don't know if problems like these are systematic but, always look at the date of the version you are running and the version you want to go. If the second is anterior to the first, DON'T UPGRADE THIS WAY.

As I already said, wait for 13.1-RELEASE, it's imminent now.


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… Would 12.2 upgrade to 13.0?


If so, can i downgrade back to 12.2?

If you have a ZFS boot environment that's 12.2: yes.

or is it possible to graft OpenZFS on what i have?


Loosely speaking: the port might sometimes behind, sometimes ahead of what's integral to 13.⋯-RELEASE.

12.3-RELEASE is more recent than 13.0, so upgrade in this way isn't supported.

Is this true?