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Unknown HP notebook wireless driver


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Sorry, I did not have the time to look into your problem and I will not have today. If you want to speak to experts (meaning not me) you can ask your question to the feebsd-wireless mailing list. You should provide in your e-mail the information you already gave us. At least ifconfig, kldstat, your /boot/loader.conf file, /etc/rc.conf file, pciconf -lv, dmesg (relevant parts) and may be your /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf file. Clearly separate the outputs of the different commands (not like in you previous post ;) ). I am sure they will identify your problem.
I am sorry I was not able to solve it.

-- Edit --

I just have one last question : do you see any network using ifconfig wlan0 scan ?


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Yes, Before I started this topic I read that chapter more than 10 times but it seems that it bias to Atheros Devices!