Troubles with plex media server (looking for servers)

I set up a jail with iocage version 0.99.1 from the ports tree, trying both VIMAGE and non-VIMAGE jails, I have gotten plex media server to work unsuccessfully. I compiled plex from ports in the jail and started the service, but all the time I try to use it, I'm stuck at "looking for servers" in the web gui of plex. I read somewhere saying its an issue with plex needing to handle broadcast messages, which I assumed a VIMAGE jail would fix, but no luck. I'm trying this on FreeBSD 11.1 in a network that is and trying to access it from a network that is I'm certain it isn't a routing issue between those 2 networks because my other services work, and I had plex running on a Linux server before this. I also know my networking in my jails are operating normally because I have a non-VIMAGE nextcloud jail working right and a VIMAGE samba jail working right

EDIT: originally I thought this was a Jail issue, but it turns out this is a problem with Plex on FreeBSD as a whole. I installed plexmediaserver on my host instead of in a jail and I still get the issue where it says "Looking for Servers" continually. So is Plex broken on FreeBSD then or is there a fix that can be applied?
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I just found out what my problem was last night, perhaps you might find this useful. In /usr/local/plexdata/"Plex Media Server"/ is a Preferences.xml file if you add the value allowedNetworks="," You will have a functioning plexmediaserver on those networks. No need for VIMAGE either