Trouble streaming through sftp using Dolphin in KDE

I am having trouble when trying to stream a video from a network place in Dolphin. I am running FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE with KDE 4.14.3. From what I can tell this is some kind of a problem with KIO. I have tried multiple players (smplayer, mplayer, mpv, vlc) and confirmed this is not a problem with the server I am trying to stream from. It works fine on my laptop running Linux Mint with GNOME. I also installed GNOME on my FreeBSD system and it was working great using GNOME's GVfs. I have found a few threads talking about this problem but most either dont discuss a solution or say that it has been fixed in newer versions of KDE. I have also tried using fish as well but that just tries to download the file instead of stream it. The other day I decided to try using KPlayer and found that it worked using that. I would prefer to find the problem since I do not like using KPlayer. Thanks in advance