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Yes. The Chinese, North Koreans, Russians and Germans do this incessantly against all browsers and all software. We should attack all those governments and bring down their villainous spy activities and their political leaders and advocates for such treachery against internet citizens.

I pray to God to make the days go faster and get Donald Trump elected President. He'll straighten these things out with those countries!
getopt I posted it in response to your, and others, common attempt, nowadays, to drag governments (and one in particular) over the coals on a daily basis. Especially when such commentary points the finger at one while ignoring all the others. If I (we?) want political commentary, I will go to reddit or HN where such topic threads swamp any technical discussion to the point where there is little else going on.

I hope this can be avoided here along with "off topic" religious discussion.
I find your behaviour rude. You are instrumentalising even the moderators closing threads at your will.
You are stalking others who do not share your opinion.
Why can't we talk about politics in the Off-Topic section? Why are these threads getting closed constantly?
Because it only generates endless arguments without helping our users. There are other places on the net to argue politics for those who wish to do so.
Because it only generates endless arguments without helping our users.
Full ACK. But it is not fair to close a thread of a member when others fill it intentionally with political attacks forcing that a topic will be closed. Those doing so should be banned from that thread instead of closing a topic others are interested in.

When there are security issues where governments are involved I regard this as security related. It should be possible to discuss such topics in a professional manner not disturbed by nasty remarks.
Which seems to be a lot of extra work for moderators of a tech forum. :) I don't know the particulars of this thread, but, there are lots of forums where people can go to discuss this sort of stuff. For what it's worth, I was once moderator on a Linux forum, threads on politics and religion were very quickly closed. Why should the moderator WASTE, (and yeah, I'm shouting) their time picking through a thread, deciding whether to ban someone from a thread (and I have no idea if that's easy), or threatening a long time member with a ban, when it's much easier to say, sorry, save religion and politics for Reddit or elsewhere where the majority thrive on such slugfests.
threatening a long time member with a ban
Do "long time members" have special rights to destroy topics deliberately?

This topic was a hint to a possible exploit cited from For what reason had drhowarddrfine made his remarks? If this is a tolerated behavior is no more my place.
I hate politic and politicians (and i think I'm not alone in it), IMHO FreeBSD forums is not a place for such "activity",
there are many troll forums on the web to talk about politics.
Sarcasm, irony, and spoofs may not be globally recognizable as such, and one man's spoof is another man's reality. Those who perpetrate it, and those who feel victimized by it, may benefit from understanding that no two people read the same story.

Other than that, enough of this.

Not being sarcastic.
Not open for further replies.