Thank you FreeBSD developers.

I have recently (31 Dec 2016) changed my desktop from Debian/GNU Linux to FreeBSD operating system. I am not a system admin, just a simple home user who likes real computing. I heard in college about Unix but never care much just knew it is the operating system that influences to make its clone Linux. I was always in search of the free, Unix or Unix-like operating system for my desktop computer but was stuck with Windows 95 since my childhood to Windows XP. Then I thought to try the new operating system and found Linux as alternate to Windows proprietary operating system. I was scared to trying new thing as heard Linux is hard for newbies and it is even harder for home users who are not in IT field or system admins. So in October 2013, I came to Ubuntu and tried it.

Ubuntu was my first operating system other than Windows then. It really helped my trying new thing. It was new for me and I learned little bit Linux in Ubuntu. But I was searching for better than What Ubuntu had to offer. I was looking for free and community built operating system and Ubuntu was built on Debian but by Cannonical, private company. Then I made my mind and throw away my fear and tried Debian Linux. It was nice as it fulfill my certain needs in operating system i wanted always as Debian is made by community around the world and no commercial interests involved in the project.

One thing bothered me always about Linux and Debian that Linux is just a kernel and What Debian offers me is components built from different projects like Gnu etc and there is no one main base system. Another problem is Debian is community project and election there but Linux is one man Project. Even though Linux projects have thousands of Developers there but Every patch go through Linux Torvalds to be adopted in the mainline. Trademarks are also in his name means the project is his and others are the users of his software. Lots of Commercial companies have more say in Linux project than community like RPM is the Linux standard base there and other community built projects are not considered equivalent. Another thing that I was always confused with no central system to built everything in base system as lots of different distros makes the system on top of the Linux kernel and have lots of differences between them and no central nice documentation available for everything needed.

Then in September 2016, I was googling for other Linux distros and found the FreeBSD. I read about it in FreeBSD Site and Wikipedia about it and was amazed that FreeBSD is the direct descendant of Unix through Barkley Software Distribution, not just a clone of Unix. It is the real thing what I always was searching. It is community built project for the community. There is no dictator to control everyone using it. Community works means people here who develops this operating system care about its performance for the users who uses it not looking for money though they also need money to run the project and expenses around the project through donations but financial point is not the goal of the project. And its not just a community but nice helping community unlike few I experienced before.

It is real free as its name suggests "FreeBSD" in terms of money and license wise to do whatever wants to do and study the source code modify it or make it what ever you like to do. I am happy that FreeBSD uses it own license called FreeBSD License ( 2 clause BSD License ).

One of the another point I like about FreeBSD is its separation of base system from ports/packages. If anything goes wrong for newbies like me in packages updating process or any hole there then whole system will not freezes. Separation of base system gives the what the operating system itself is and what the other third part software that could be included by user himself/herself. The one project makes the entire base system including kernel and userland makes more sense of better performance and stability. Users have to see one project for everything for base, ports/packages, man-pages, documentations and forum not many different sites to get information.

Documentation and Handbooks are very well written in additions of Man-pages to learn everything. I never go outside the site to find problem I encounter as easy to understand and outstanding quality materials there. Here on Forum, I few times asked very stupid questions but never hit with bashing or taunting by senior people here. Its really very helpful community with one aim to make Unix decedent FreeBSD operating system higher quality code, high performance, stable and secure system for everyone for every use either it is server or desktop or anything else. FreeBSD is the real computing. FreeBSD has proved itself to be the best operating system and the way project runs by getting grow for last 23 years. The project has nice future for long way to go and Developers need the appreciation for what they have produce for the world the nice operating system. Thank you Developers as not only system admins or Programmers need your work but like me, home users getting benefits from your time and work.