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I based this one on an obsolete cocktail called the bocce ball (NB the linked recipe is stupidly wrong, anyway, but you get the idea):

2oz* gin**
2oz amaretto
half a glass of ice
2oz soda
remainder orange juice
1 lime wedge

put the ice, gin, & amaretto in a glass of about 14-16oz capacity, stare at it angrily, and add a bit more gin & amaretto (you can never have too much of these), carefully add the OJ & soda, squeeze the lime wedge in, and stir gently. If you do it right the night will be nothing more than a giant black hole of amnesia.



Open, in rapid succession, 4 to 12 beers and drink until it's the next day.

*I will not be using any of your Frenchyfied commie measurements. You have a computer, do your own conversions.

**Feel free to use vodka, I hate the stuff, but y'all can [redacted: profane & physically impossible].


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Flatliner: Use shot glasses. One part tequila, one part sambuca. Few drops of Tabasco on top.


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Depending on mood:

French martini
  • Mix three parts vodka with one part Chambord Liqueur.
  • Shake with ice and pour into martini glass.

Ghetto Hummer
  • Mix four ounces of [soda_in_fridge] with one shot each of [booze_1], [booze_2], and [booze_3] available in cabinet. Surprise yourself.
  • Pour into the last clean (or not) plastic cup you can locate.


edit: Nice thread tags, BTW.


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Still one of my favorites, an old fashioned Cuba Libre :)

Tall glass, few ice cubes, white rum, coke and a slice of lime (not lemon).


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Pepsi + 4mg of alprazolam.

go easy on the pepsi though ...



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jgh said:
1 glass
a good scotch or whiskey

Pour. No ice should touch the glass.

You Sir, are doing it correctly. Current favorites are johnny drum private stock, and henry mckenna single barrel.


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dam, thanks for correcting me....
I've just drunk some 7 beers.... so my spelling isn't pretty good



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Myron said:
whiskey + cough syrup += feels like heaven :f

That is truly diseased. I've heard tell that children's cough syrup is better than the regular old adult stuff, mostly because parents tend to insist that their kids actually stop whining.



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Myself and my two sisters do laugh hysterically at that one children's cough syrup commercial with the big bold letters on the bottoms, "DO NOT USE TO MAKE CHILD DROWSY." There are some TERRIBLE parents out there.

I'd have to say my drink would be the Black Russian
1 part vodka
1 part kahlua/coffee liqueur

With or without ice, or you can add two-four parts more of half and half cream (10%) to make a white Russian or varying potency.


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That Ghetto Hummer recipe really made me laugh. :e


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Mule coffee:
2 oz. creme de cacao
2 oz. creme de menthe
2 oz. clear rum
2 oz half and half

Mix together.

Whiskey extra sour.

2 oz Jack Daniels
2 oz Gin
4 oz orange juice
1 oz grapefruit juice.
extra fine sugar.

Combine all liquids and pour over ice.
Sprinkle about a teaspoon or so of the sugar over the ice.


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something simple, that gets the job done, fast.

scotch. already toasted, though.

how bout gin & a sprig of fresh rosemary lightly crushed. shake a bit with ice & strain.


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more gin; less vodka; spray dry-vermouth; cut lime; sipp; awesome

Bailey's Irish Cream


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Mate for one
Large container which holds 1 pt or more of liquid.
A bomba(bombilla).

1 cup erva mate, I use Canarias.
1 1/2 to 2 cups hot milk.
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1 to 2 bags tilo
8-10 packs sweetener or sugar to cut off the extra bitterness.

Put mate in cup
Break open the sweetener- unless you are using the sugar- and the tilo bags.
Place in with mate.
Add nutmeg.
If using sugar, add it.
Stir together.
Heat milk and add to the mate.
Stir and let it for a few minutes.

Ponha bomba na taça e diverte-se.

"Stick the straw in the cup and enjoy."

Coffee for one:

Make espresso.
Add hot goat's milk.
Add raw sugar.
Stir with cinnamon stick.