Synth usage question

First-time ports-mgt/synth user.. I chose to prepare system. In doing so, I ended up with both lang/perl5.20 and lang/perl5.24 in /var/synth/live_packages/All/. I can install the newer version from this repository, and pkg info tells me I did, as does the man page version tag. But subsequent installs of packages that depend on perl seem to find the older version in the repository and re-install it.

So my question is how do I correct whatever mistake I made? It can't be as simple as renaming or deleting the tarred package file, could it? Do I need to update ports tree again, and prepare system again?

Or, is there a command that tells synth to delete an individual package from its repository, and remove whatever index entry it might have created?
Hmmm strange. I have never seen Synth get versioning mixed up. It even deletes old packages from the repository when a newer one if fetched or built. I would run this again to see what you get:

portsnap fetch update
synth status

That will tell you what will happen. If you want to go forward then have Synth upgrade all the packages that are ready to go. Don't manually upgrade a package or two.

synth upgrade-system

synth prepare-system
pkg upgrade
I believed I had the DEFAULT_VERSIONS set for perl version 5.24 in /etc/make.conf at the time. I added it also into the synth live system file, as noted above, to be safe. And I'll get things back on track.