Solved Synth Question ...

I'm new to ports-mgmt/synth (just installed) and previously have been using ports-mgmt/portmaster for years.

My question is - when I run synth status, it shows :

Querying system about current package installations.
Stand by, comparing installed packages against the ports tree.
These are the ports that would be built ([N]ew, [R]ebuild, Upgrade):
  N => print/indexinfo
  N => devel/gettext-runtime
  N => www/nginx
Total packages that would be built: 152
Why does Synth want to build all 152 ports when they are already installed?

I guess I just don't understand why "/var/synth/live_packages" is even necessary? (I'm assuming that's where the ports will be compiled in to)
That's a 38 page thread. The best thing to do is ask on that thread, because I think marino@ monitors that one. Then you can link that thread to this one.
This is what I do with synth questions, because otherwise, answers get lost in that thread, I ask my question in a new post, then link to the post on that long thread. marino@, if you read this, and that isn't the best way, please let me know,