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is there a more detailed description of SVN than in the handbook? The svnlite help lists commands that I cannot find in the Handbook.

My immediate issue is that I have checked out the ports for release/11.0 3rd quarter 2016 into /usr/ports. However, the release has /ports-mgmt/synth version 1.4, while the current version is 1.51.

When I tried to check out the version 1.51 to /usr/ports, the SVN complained that the /usr/ports is using different URL. So, I checked this version to /usr/ports_h.

Is this the correct approach?

If I now compile the port, how does the pkg tell the difference?

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A checkout only works on an empty directory. But you can also tell it to switch to a different repository. Two ways to solve it:
rm -rf /usr/ports/
svnlite checkout /usr/ports
Or use switch:
svnlite switch /usr/ports
Hi SirDice,

thank you, this works.

Hi getopt,

thank you, this is what I needed.

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