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That's one of the benefits of AI: reasoning beyond dumb "user ratings". Do you guys actually know what you're talking about? Stop feeding your prejudices to each other and start brainstorming how modern AI can assist you by giving suggestions (not making decisions on your behalf), save you much time, give useful hints, etc.pp.


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I know what a need, I make the search for myself based on my need, I use it and if dont work for me.. look another..simple as that, use the brain
one personal example:
I allways look for GTK2 applications and use a engine like Mist or ThinIce
my .gtkrc-2.0 is tunned
then I run gtkperf -a for testing the response time

the collective experience or user ratings wont do that for me, instead I got a ugly..ugly and slow gtk3
application but the "users choice" say that is shinny and with a lot of effects and work fine

For now and in this time this is important for me because I want performance , but in 30/40 years
It wont matter,because the times changes and the hardware too,much more ram,more powerfull
but for now...I do the search for myself