stupid question about ports from disk

I tried to google for this without much success ..

Why is it that when ports are installed from disk that portsnap does not see it as a snapshot? From my naive point of view it feels like it "should" be able to update itself from whatever point in time the ports were frozen.


Since we are talking about 70MB or so of transfer to tack on fetch, its really more of a technical question as to what is going on under the hood than anything else.

You mean when the ports tree is copied to a new system? portsnap(8) has a tracking database in /var/db/portsnap. If that is not pre-populated, it has no way of knowing what is already present.
Yeah .. I guess that is where my thought process is headed.

If you were to do a fresh install and select ports as an option is there any way to index it so that the tracking database is populated?
If the install media included the portsnap data, it could be copied into place.
rgr that and I suppose that is really the crux of the question.


If I need something during a fresh install without connecting to the internet (eg BASH), ports from the install media works. But. Once a network connection is going, you can never just sync up ports. It is the full download/extract/update/enchilada.