C Studying about compilers.

Hi guys!

Recently I got interested about compilers, how they works, how it analyzes the source code, how they translate code, how how how.
The good thing for me is that I don't want to create a full compiler from scratch (yet), but instead I want to understand how the different parts works and interact between them and try to create that individual modules (lexical analyzer, parser, etc) on my own.

A this moment, I'm reading "Compilers: Principles, techniques and tools" (Aho, Seti, Ullman). As I understand, that book it's kind of a bible on this topic, and after reading some pages I see why. The only problem is that this book have a lot of theory, and I love theory, but I also want a more direct and practical aplications of that knowledge.
Reading in other forums, I see a lot of recomendations about different books, older and new. But because I love UNIX history and everything related, I want to know if you could give some recommendation about good and practical material to read that speaks of compilers or C compilers or compilers in a UNIX enviroment or somethings else that compliments "Compilers:...".

Thanks in advance.

Looks interesting, I'll buy it eventually 'cause right now no one sell it in my town.

That article led me to the Crenshaw page (one of the papers in the title), and it's pretty much what I want. Practical, simple, escalable, with some background theory. Thank you very much.