strange error

Hello i have been compiling editors/vim on my system it has been taking a long time. I am running kernel 11 p1 and this is within virtualbox. Today i saw the following error. I have no idea what it means.

strange error.png

I would love to know what this means.
Messages like these usually can appear after the computer clock has been adjusted backward, either manually or by using ntp.

When using virtualbox, IIRC there is some sort of mechanism to sync the guest clock with the host clock, most likely the guest clock has been adjusted backward at some point in time.
It's an old trick but adding this to /boot/loader.conf usually helps on virtual machines:
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I've found that is is usually caused by the guest OS not being able to keep up with timer interrupts in VirtualBox, Try
in the FreeBSD guest's /boot/loader.conf.

EDIT: Or what SirDice said...