state of Bay trail support

I have a small laptop with a Bay trail CPU (Intel Pentium N3520). I currently run Linux on it, but I'm considering switching to BSD (I'm already running FreeBSD on another machine). My question is, how is the support for this architecture/graphics? With Linux I've been having problems for some time. It's a known bug, and it hasn't been fixed yet:
I've tried booting the installation CD and it works fine. But so did every Linux CD I tried for a few minutes/up to a few hours (the crashes/panics are completely unpredictable). So my question is: Is anybody running BSD on a similar machine, and if so, does it work better then in my short description?
x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel is not the problem. The kernel drm code is the problem and both FreeBSD and OpenBSD base their inteldrm code on Linux. Your graphics should eventually be supported by a FreeBSD release but it is going to take a while. OpenBSD 5.9 does support Bay Trail and Broadwell graphics but I cannot vouch for the stability. There is a OpenBSD live CD/USBimage that could be used to test prior to installing. The FreeBSD project also has some snapshots that you may be able to install to a usb thumb drive to test.