Start script with particular user

Hi !

I would like to start script at boot time with particular regular user. Which is the best way to do that ? mybe rc.local and su - username... ?

This script set mixer lever, start shoutcast and darkice:

mixer vol       85:85
mixer pcm       0:0
mixer speaker   0:0
mixer line      85:85
mixer mic       0:0
mixer cd        0:0
mixer rec       85:85
mixer igain     0:0
mixer ogain     0:0
mixer phin      0:0
mixer phout     0:0
mixer video     0:0
mixer =rec      line
/usr/local/bin/sc_serv  /usr/local/etc/sc_serv.conf &
/usr/local/bin/darkice -c /usr/local/etc/darkice.cfg &
Shoutcast already runs as a 'regular' user (shoutcast). Check the startup script /usr/local/etc/rc.d/