Solved SSH login fails after upgrade to 11.0

Hello everyone,

I failed to update my SSH keys before upgrading to 11.0 RELEASE, now I can't login to my box, I updated the ssh_host_key as a warning was displayed in the /var/log/messages, now I get this error message :

Unable to negotiate with port 22: no matching host key type found. Their offer:

Can you please help, thank you.
I've solved the problem by installing a fresh FreeBSD 11 and copying the /etc/ssh to the impacted machine, luckily I mounted an NFS volume before doing the upgrade.
If you remove all the *_key and * files from /etc/ssh the next time sshd(8) starts the rc(8) scripts will automatically generate brand new ones.
I did, but it did not work, it kept saying missing keys, so I had to copy/paste keys from a fresh install (on my second impacted machine).