Speedtest CLI

You can use speedtest-go instead. There is no port but you install with go install github.com/showwin/speedtest-go@latest. Just one binary. It is not 100% compatible with speedtest-cli but more than good enough for its main task. Plus it has an API for use from a go program. See https://github.com/showwin/speedtest-go/blob/master/README.md
Doesnt seem to complicated to create a port for it. I will take a look at it this evening.
Sorry, can you record what you're doing and upload it somewhere like YouTube, please? (If you don't mind).
This port was very limited, all info I used to create the port can be found in the porters handbook.
If you are interested in porting feel free to reach out, but as a first step I would always recommend reading the handbook.

Enjoy! But no packages yet .... :)