Solved Some questions about FreeBSD 11.1 RELEASE


Hello guys,

At the moment I'm running a FreeBSD 10.3 RELEASE system.
I'm planning to upgrade to 11.1 asap ;) but I just have a few questions.

1) I haven't upgraded to 11.0 RELEASE because there was a bug which prohibited the teamspeak3-server port to start correctly. You can find out more about this here.
  • How can I check this has been fixed in 11.1-Release without installing a VM and trying it out? Is there somewhere to check this has been merged in 11.1 releng?
2) From the release notes: "The default EFI partition created by bsdinstall(8) has been increased from 800KB to 200MB. [r320088] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)"
  • When I upgrade to 11.1 RELEASE will the EFI partition get resized automatically by freebsd-update (I guess not since it involves bsdinstall so I'll continue this with another question)? If not, can I resize it manually? Or is a fresh install of 11.1 RELEASE the only way?
Thanks in advance !
If you look at the PR in question you'll see it has been submitted to 11-STABLE at the end of last year. New releases are made from -STABLE branches.
Ah, yes, awesome! Thanks for pointing that out!
What about the second question? Anyone? :)
Partitions will NEVER be resized when doing an upgrade.
If you need the larger partition, you will have to resize it manually or reinstall, reformat and repartition the drive.