Solved [Solved] ZFS expandsize?


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I just resized my zfs partition from 300GB to 500GB , however the additional 200GB doesn't append into the current zfs pool.

The additional 200GB is indicated at expandsize as below, how can I add it into the total size to make it a full 500GB pool?
NAME  PROPERTY               VALUE                  SOURCE
vol   size                   298G                   -
vol   capacity               27%                    -
vol   altroot                -                      default
vol   health                 ONLINE                 -
vol   guid                   4140561943782377541    default
vol   version                -                      default
vol   bootfs                 -                      default
vol   delegation             on                     default
vol   autoreplace            off                    default
vol   cachefile              -                      default
vol   failmode               wait                   default
vol   listsnapshots          on                     local
vol   autoexpand             on                     local
vol   dedupditto             0                      default
vol   dedupratio             1.00x                  -
vol   free                   216G                   -
vol   allocated              81.9G                  -
vol   readonly               off                    -
vol   comment                -                      default
vol   expandsize             200G                   -
vol   freeing                0                      default
vol   feature@async_destroy  enabled                local
vol   feature@empty_bpobj    active                 local
vol   feature@lz4_compress   active                 local
My server is running FreeBSD 9.2 with ZFS 5000


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Re: ZFS expandsize?

I've recently done this on a RAID-Z pool and the extra space only became available after I replaced and resilvered every drive. What kind of pool do you have? Is it just a single drive?


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Re: ZFS expandsize?

In light of this example provided by @belon_cfy, I'm wondering how one should interpret:
expandsize        This property has currently no value on FreeBSD
from zpool(8). The wording is clumsy and therefore its meaning is not clear, at least to me.
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