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Solved [Solved]/var partition full/how to find the files to delete?


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My exim stopped working because my /var is full. However my df and du don't agree on the disk usage. How can I find the 22GB of files to delete them?

    # df -h
    Filesystem       Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
    /dev/twed0s1a    869G    337G    463G    42%    /
    devfs            1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /dev
    /dev/twed0s1d    1.9G     38M    1.7G     2%    /tmp
    /dev/twed0s1e     24G     22G    -15M   100%    /var
    procfs           4.0K    4.0K      0B   100%    /proc

    # ls | xargs du -hs
    2.0K   .cshrc
    2.0K   .profile
    2.0K   .snap
    8.0K   COPYRIGHT
    986K   bin
    113M   boot
    2.0K   cdrom
      0B   compat
    9.7M   curlftpfs.core
    1.5K   dev
    2.0K   dist
    4.0K   entropy
     31M   etc
      0B   home
    5.4M   lib
    170K   libexec
     96K   lost+found
    2.0K   media
    2.0K   mnt
      0B   proc
    144K   quota.group
    144K   quota.user
    3.6M   rescue
    127M   root
    3.8M   sbin
      0B   sys
     38M   tmp
    310G   usr
    1.7G   var