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Good afternoon All,

FreeBSD 10.0 Release, P-7, x64, AMD 8350 CPU w/32Gb Ram.

I am about to do a lot of compilation work under QT-Creator (a large project I just was awarded), and some parts under Code::Blocks. I am experienced with both of there IDE/RAD environments.

Here is my Situation:

FreeBSD is running on a 1TB SSD (Samsung EVO 840), setup by following @wblock's excellent articles @

I have made some additional changes to my fstab listed below.

My goal is that I want no temporary object code to go anywhere other than my ram. I have plenty of it...32G to be exact. I do not want the SSD to be stressed and suffer a lot of small writes during any compilation step be that a port, kernel compilation, QT compilation, or Code::Blocks projects.

I am requesting that someone with more experience than I under FreeBSD, to please review my fstab;...and based upon my stated goals, please tell me if I am canonical or not. I did loose my nice-n-neat formatting by pasting it into a "code" tag, I apologize. It is properly formatted using "pluma" under "Mate"

# Daves customized fstab for FreeBSD
# First Lines are for system required entries

# Device							Mountpoint						FStype				Options					Dump	Pass#
# keep temporary files and in ram rather than wear out the SSD

tmpfs								/tmp							tmpfs				rw,mode=01777				0	0
tmpfs								/usr/home/dcbdbis/RamDisk				tmpfs				rw					0	0
tmpfs								/usr/obj						tmpfs				rw,mode=01777				0	0

# Keeps OpenJDK happy and some linux apps as well

fdesc								/dev/fd							fdescfs				rw					0	0
proc								/proc							procfs				rw					0	0

# -------------------------------------------------------
# End of system level fstab entries, now on to the devices
# -------------------------------------------------------

# Device							Mountpoint						FStype				Options					Dump	Pass#

# /dev/ada0p2 is the root drive
/dev/ada0p2							/							ufs				rw,noatime				1	1

# /dev/ada1p1, Backup-1
/dev/gpt/Backup-1						/media/Backup-1						ufs				rw,noatime				0	2

# /dev/ada2p1, Backup-2
/dev/gpt/Backup-2						/media/Backup-2						ufs				rw,noatime				0	2

# /dev/ada3p3, Misc storage and VM's
/dev/gpt/Misc							/media/Misc						ufs				rw,noatime				0	2

Thank you for any assistance and feedback you may be able to provide,

Sincerely and respectfully,


PS: I tried to edit this post to cleanup the HTML formatting....But regardless of the editor I use....the formatting when posted remains messy.
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Re: Best Practice Peer Review Request

You really don't want to put /usr/obj on a RAM disk because its contents are supposed to survive a reboot in case you're forced to do system updates the canonical way, kernel install in multiuser mode and world install in single user mode. Also with /usr/obj on RAM disk you get only one shot at updating your system, if it fails you have to recompile everything from scratch again x(