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Solved [Solved] Attachments not working?


Aspiring Daemon

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I posted a question in the ports forum and wanted to attach a patch. After specifying the file (a 345 byte text file) and clicking on Upload, I received the error
The extension .c is not allowed.
I renamed it to patch-ipmi_intf.c.txt and got
The extension .txt is not allowed.
I then tried renaming it to patch-ipmi_intf and got
The extension is not allowed.
So, it appears that no files are allowed to be attached. If this is the desired behavior, can the whole "Upload attachment" tab be removed? If there are some file types that are allowed, can they be enumerated in the "Upload attachment" tab's dialog area?


Aspiring Daemon

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Re: Attachments not working?

I ran into this a few weeks ago. I had to zip a *.txt file (i.e., *.gz) in order for it to attach.


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Re: Attachments not working?

You should find that
  • archives (7z, ace, bz2, gtar, gz, rar, tar, tgz, torrent, zip) (up to 256 KB).
  • plain-text files (c, cf, conf, cpp, csv, diz, h, hpp, ini, js, log, txt, xml) (up to 256 KB).
  • images (gif, jpeg, jpg, png, tga, tif, tiff) (up to 2 MB).
are now allowed